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    The trademark owner can be a legal entity or a natural person.


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    Word mark

    A word mark consists of one or more words. To receive trademark protection the word must generally be special, i.e. not descriptive for the business and not too common. Most acceptable is often fantasy words.

    Trademark symbol

    Normally consist of so-called logotypes with, or without text elements. Even the symbol or figure, which the trademark consists of, must be distinctive to get protection.

    Colour of trademark

    A mark in black or white gets protection for all colours.

    Scope of protection

    Products/ services

    Be as precise as possible. Please attach brochure or something else that describes the product/service.

    Geographical area


    The application can be done in one or more countries. Most common is to apply for registration in Sweden and during the prioritization time (six months from it’s submitted) Consider if other countries can be present.

    International application

    The international trademark is based on earlier national mark or application. It can involve all or occasional countries in EU or other parts of the world, e.g. USA. If the application isn’t approved in one country, it can still be approved in other countries.

    European mark

    Refers to all countries in EU. If the application not is approved in one of the European country, it cannot be approved in other countries either.

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    Special request or other information

    Please enter if you have any special requests or other information that is good for us to know about. For example if the order isn’t about a new trademark, but instead a transfer or renewal of a trademark.

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