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Shelf companies

Are you going to start a business in Sweden? We provide shelf companies such as ready to use limited liability companies and also Euro (€) companies.

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Limited liability companies

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You can start your business in Sweden with our shelf company AB Grundstenen. It has a share capital of 25 000 SEK and is the highest selling limited liability company in Sweden. Grundstenen AB is already registered with its own corporate identity number and can be delivered immediately. We also offer Euro (€) companies.

A limited liability company can have one or more owners, natural or legal persons. The owners do not have any personal responsibility, they only risk the share capital that must be at least 25 000 SEK. The protection of your company’s name is nationwide, and the head office as well as the financial year is adjusted according to your wishes. We deliver your documents immediately after your order.

Shelf companies suit those who want to start a company and get going immediately, and a major part of today’s newly started entrepreneurs have used this option. AB Grundstenen is the highest selling shelf company in Sweden and is well known within the industry. Since 1954, more than 200 000 businessmen have chosen to start their company with AB Grundstenen. Read more >>

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Euro (€) companies

The purchase of a Euro company is just as easy as our normal shelf companies, and we can also provide all documents translated to English if you need it. You can order a Euro company online in the same way as a normal Swedish limited liability company.

The Euro Company is a good alternative if there is a foreign parent company involved. In that way, you avoid having different accounting currencies in different countries. The share capital and the accounting currency shall be done in Euro (€). Read more >>

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Svenska Standardbolag AB is the market leader in corporate related issues and shelf companies.

Since 1954, Svenska Standardbolag AB has assisted Swedish enterprises in more than 400 000 corporate cases, such as forming and starting limited liability companies, liquidating companies, planning mergers, etc.

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