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Quick liquidation – Liquidate your Swedish company

Liquidate your Swedish company with our quick liquidation service Slutstenen without waiting 8-10 months for the payment.


Our service is the market leader within liquidation of Swedish companies and since we started this service in 1992, we have liquidated more than 38 000 companies through our unique service Slutstenen. Liquidate your company without waiting 8–10 months for the payment. The most common way to liquidate your company in Sweden is with the help of Svenska Standardbolag.

We can also help you with voluntary liquidation. That process takes longer for you as a seller due to the distribution of the company's assets. We provide a liquidator but the daily work with making payments, book-keeping etc will be incumbent upon the owner.

The reasons why many choose Svenska Standardbolag’s quick liquidation service Slutstenen:

  • The sales process is simple and quick.
  • Because of our competence and financial strength, Svenska Standardbolag AB is a well-known and financially strong company.
  • Our price is competitive.
  • Because you can feel assured that the company’s and the owners’ powers and duties against the tax authority etc. will be handled correctly.

We guarantee that:

  • The purchase-money is paid immediately.
  • The buyer has enough liquidity and that the company’s own assets are not used.
  • The shell company law is adequately addressed.
  • The company is liquidated in an orderly fashion.
  • All taxes are paid on time.
  • Declarations and other financial statements are produced correctly.
  • Any claims against the company are handled correctly.


If the buyer does not handle these commitments it can affect the seller. You can also liquidate your company through a voluntary liquidation.

Liquidation service


We have two options for liquidating Swedish limited companies (aktiebolag).

Alternative 1: Quick liquidation, 1–2 weeks.

We buy the dormant company and perform the liquidation. The seller receives the consideration immediately and we take on all the responsibility for the company’s administration.


Alternative 2: Voluntary liquidation, 7–9 months.

We produce the required documents and also provide a liquidator in order to perform the liquidation. The daily work with making payments, book-keeping, producing and filing the annual report and income tax return will be incumbent upon the owner. The appointed liquidator will check and sign the documents in capacity of authorised signatory.


In order to receive an offer for quick liquidation, please send up-to-date balance sheet and income report.


The following documents are required to initiate a voluntary liquidation:

  • Up-to-date balance sheet and income report.
  • A copy of the latest annual report.
  • Shareholder’s name and address.

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