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Corporate law services

Svenska Standardbolag AB have formed thousands of Swedish companies and helped even more clients with cases within corporate law and corporate related issues.


You can find different types of corporate related issues below.



We implement changes to the company’s name, business activities, head office, address, financial year, pre-emption clause, shareholding, etc.



To liquidate a company is today a very common and good way for shareholders to terminate their company. The company is terminated when the board of directors decides that the company should be liquidated.



Many Swedish entrepreneurs own more than one company. There are often no benefits of having business activities divided over various companies. By merging these companies, the administrative cost can be significantly decreased.



The assets and liabilities of a limited liability company are taken over, fully or partially, by one or more limited liability companies, for consideration to the shareholders in the company that is being split-up. Demerging a company can be appropriate, for example when a partnership is terminated or when real estate is to be moved.


Change of share capital

We provide services such as increasing or reducing the share capital, issuance of convertible loans, and issuance of subscription warrants.


Share certificate and share register

We can help you establish share certificates and update your share register.


Internal transfer of shares

Internal transfer of shares can be appropriate in such cases as business succession, change of generation, corporate restructuring, redemption of the shares of a partner, etc.



Guldstenen is a method, whereby a part of the company’s non-restricted equity is taken out of the company. A new company is created and the whole, or a part, of the non-restricted equity is transferred to this company. Through the right set of measures, this can be implemented quickly and at a low cost.


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