VLeading in corporate issues and off-the-shelf companies since 1954


We are the market leader in corporate related issues and corporate law. We have set up about 300 000 companies and helped even more clients with cases within corporate law.

Start a business in Sweden

If you are starting a business in Sweden, we can help you. We provide ready to use limited liability companies, also known as shelf companies. With the shelf company AB Grundstenen, (share capital of 25 000 SEK) you can get access to a new company immediately.

If you want to start a company formation from the ground, the registration process of the company start after we have received your order. Then you have to wait for the corporate identity number until the company is registered at the Swedish Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket). The registration time can vary between 2-4 weeks.

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Two ways to start a company

Start a company with 25 000 SEK in a bank account

To set up a new company with money means inserting the share capital in a bank account. The share capital shall not be less than 25 000 SEK. You can do this in any bank, bank issuing a statement late on invested capital.

Svenska Standardbolag will prepare and send all the necessary documents to the Swedish Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket). Important to remember is that the company gets a corporate identity and becomes a legal entity only after registration.

Share capital with other value than money

There is a possibility to set up a public limited company with other value than money. You can use an asset (for share capital) that will be beneficial for the company and has a guaranteed value, as a vehicle or a machine. A certificate which ensures the asset’s value needs to be created and it shall guarantee the asset’s value as share capital of at least 25 000 SEK.

Quick liquidation

Liquidate your company without waiting 8-10 months for the payment. With our quick liquidation service Slutstenen you get paid immediately.
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Corporate law

Svenska Standardbolag AB is the market leader in Sweden in company related issues and corporate law and we are providing a wide range of products and services within the area.
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We have 20 years of experiences within trademark protection. We provide protection for your trademark by the same principles as our other services, at a fixed price and with a quick process.
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Online service

We are domain name registrar for the domain .SE, and can therefore help you register and protect several domain names for your company. We also offer complementary services for web sites and e-mail.
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Svenska Standardbolag AB is the market leader in corporate related issues and shelf companies.

Since 1954, Svenska Standardbolag AB has assisted Swedish enterprises in more than 400 000 corporate cases, such as forming and starting limited liability companies, liquidating companies, planning mergers, etc.

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