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Let Svenska Standardbolag help you with the corporate law issues of your Swedish company, and you will get access to our entire expertise.

We have delivered more than 180 000 shelf companies, AB Grundstenen since we started the business 1954. Let us take care of your corporate law issues when you start a business, are running a company or need our service for a quick liquidation.

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We help you with your company question.

Start a business in Sweden

If you are starting a business in Sweden, we can help you. We provide ready to use limited liability companies. With our shelf company, AB Grundstenen, (share capital of 25 000 SEK) you can get direct access to a new company with a corporate identity number.

Quick liquidation - get paid Immediately

Liquidate your Swedish company without waiting 8-10 months for the payment. With our quick liquidation service Slutstenen we buy your company and you get paid immediately. We take care of the company's liquidation.

Corporate Law

We know corporate law and have helped thousands of Swedish companies with cases within corporate law, such as changing the board of directors, mergers, demergers, establish share certificates etc.

Trademark registration

We have 20 years of experiences within trademark protection. We provide protection for your trademark by the same principles as our other services, at a fixed price and with a quick process.

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We are your reliable partner in company matters throughout the life cycle of your company.

With our high level of competence and long experience within this business area, you are in safe hands.