VLeading in corporate issues and off-the-shelf companies since 1954

Company issues

We can help you with company issues like fusion, split-up, shareholders agreement as well as modifications within the company. You can easily order it here!

Svenska standardbolag has had a leading position within company issues since 1954.


A merger is when a company ceases to exist when it transfers all its assets and liabilities to another company, after which the company ends without any liquidation procedure. The rights and obligations of the company also transfer to the transferee company in connection with the fusion.


When a single company splits into two or more separately run companies the assets and liabilities are taken over. One or more other companies take it over, completely or partially, and the shareholders receive compensation. The company who takes over can be a company that already exists or a company that is started in connection with the split-up.

Shareholders agreement

Order a shareholders agreement online. All content is adjusted according to your wishes.

Company changes

Order modification and changes of your company. Everything is adjusted according to your wishes.

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Svenska Standardbolag AB is the market leader in corporate related issues and shelf companies.

Since 1954, Svenska Standardbolag AB has assisted Swedish enterprises in more than 400 000 corporate cases, such as forming and starting limited liability companies, liquidating companies, planning mergers, etc.

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