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Start a new company quick and easy with our off-the-shelf companies, AB Grundestenen. Use our order online or order form. Contact us if you have any questions.

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  • Current balance sheet of the company that shall be split.
  • A list of all assets and liabilities for each one of the companies after the split-up.

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  • Filled out form “ORDER LIMITED COMPANY” for every new company that is started through the split-up.
  • Filled out form “ORDER MODIFICATIONS” for each existing company that through the split-up shall change name, board, articles of association, address, etc.
  • Report of the real value for the assets and liabilities, if that is not the same as the book value.

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The transferor company has received conditional shareholder’s contribution at the value of Swedish kronor

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The transferor company has received conditional shareholder’s contribution with the value of Swedish kronor.

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